Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ottoman and Filing storage

In small spaces you need things that are multi-purpose. I didn't want the look of filing cabinets, so I opted for adapting two ottomans for the job. When I purchased the ottomans I made sure that they would accommodate the metal filing guides you can buy at an office supply store. (Check the measurements.) A Dremel (tool) was used to cut the ends of the guides to fit the ottomans. I added the hinges for easier use. I also stained, sealed, and attached legs to make the ottomans look more like furniture. The picture shows just one of the two. We pull them around for extra seating at our craft table and computer desks. Note - if you fill them with heavy items they can be hard to move around. If we didn't have carpet, I could have added wheels to make it easier to move.

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