Thursday, October 22, 2009

School Work Organized

What to do with all the school papers? I handled this mess by giving each child a a set of drawers. Each child has a big drawer for finished "work and art" and a smaller drawer for "to do" items. Things from school/playtime are briefly admired and then put in the large drawers. Since we have home schooling after a regular school day, I can keep track of what we are working on in the smaller drawers. When the drawers fill up we sort out together what is important to file away and what can be tossed.

I selected this system because I liked the tough, plastic drawers which easily hold an 8 1/2" x 11" paper. Also this is a nice looking, cost effective option.

Important to know, I have altered this piece! I bought this TROFAST piece from IKEA. The original was too high and I didn't want extra drawers to sort, so I cut the sides so that the third drawer guide in each section could not be used. I had to put the piece together first, so I could see if it was possible to change the height, then I took it apart and used a table saw. Then I put it back together. I think this worked ok, since this TROFAST piece was wood, I'm not so sure the particle board versions in white will be as easy to change. (Use caution.) When we have visitors at the kitchen table, this slides out and doubles as extra seating. Sometimes a catch a child reading here next to the window.

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